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By Expert Viola Sylve on Jul 11,2013

Have you ever met the situation that you cannot eliminate and uninstall TightVNC via the Windows standard Add/Remove software programs, you cannot find out this system there, or the un-installation process just hangs rather than finish? The reason for this is you have uninstalled it partially, the files in this program are corrupted, or this course itself has revised the uninstalling program into a installing program, so an individual wonder, is there any way you can remove TightVNC without dealing with the common way of accomplishing it? Yes you may force uninstall the unwanted TightVNC using the right method.

Why you cannot remove a tough program thru Add/Remove programs?
For this we need to trace back to the process of the installation of this program.
First of all, when installing a program, its files are often placed in the specified location: some files are copied in the Program Files Folder, and other files like shared libraries (. dll files) are cloned into Common Files which is inside the Program Records, at the same time, some other shared libraries or drivers are copied and located in the ' WINDOWS\System32' and ' WINDOWS\System32\drivers' version.
After that there are also some changes within the Windows registry: some registry entries may be changed, so their traces are often changed. Then a new registry key is placed in the Windows Registry from the spot that the Window Add/Remove tool can search programs that have installed in this computer.
When a user endeavors to force uninstall TightVNC through the Add/Remove tool, this uninstaller often cannot learn and completely delete each of the files, registry entries and traces related to TightVNC, so as to generate this program corrupted or leave parts of this program still in his machine. We often see this too happen when uninstalling several tough but powerful software program like Norton, Adobe goods, and Kaspersky etc.
The Simplest way to Force Uninstall
Once you know exactly how the Glass windows Registry works and how one can remove all files related to this program, you can consider using a manual force removal by yourself. But before this removing, I would like to remind you that when some mistakes happen with this process, it will bring severe damages towards the windows registry and your personal machine. So even you are a complicated PC user, you' d better try one more easier and better method to force uninstall TightVNC.
Among a great number of similar auto-uninstall software, TightVNC remover definitely is the greatest one that allows you to definitely force uninstall it in just a few clicks; and then it is going to scan your registry and drivers to find out whether some files remain left, if there are generally, it will delete them. Even the users with limited computer knowledge will use this uninstall tool quickly!


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